The Marshall Tree Saw blade is a custom blade engineered to aid in pulling into the tree while cutting and causing a better cut. This revolutionary design can only be used with our type of non-spinning blade set up because our blade does not spin around completely, it only rotates side to side while virtually cutting anything in its way. Fence post made from metal grown in the tree, rocks and material laying in its path all no problem for this blade. The blade has a unique quality of being able to self straighten in the event the operator lifts up on tree while blade is still in the tree, it can as well be flipped up side down and re-bolted. This blade life from our users in the field has been from 750 hours to 1500 hours depending on conditions and user ability. We hear from the field that even losing a few teeth on blade as long as they are not all in a row does not adversely affect the cutting of the blade. To top it all off, you don’t ever need to sharpen the Marshall saw blade.  Another large advantage of using the blade is that there are no carbide tips or holders to replace. This feature alone can save thousands of dollars over the life time of the blade. The Marshall saw creates a safer work environment due to the fact that the blade does not spin at high RPM, this also attributes to fuel conservation in many cases 50% or more of savings