Land Clearing Attachments for Skid-Steer Loaders

Clearing land can often be an incredibly involved process. Not only does the process require cutting down trees, but additional equipment is also often needed to grind out mulch or grab the remaining debris. This article will look at some of the top land clearing attachments for skid-steer loaders to help improve land clearing efforts. Anyone looking to boost efficiency on a job site, or their property, should consider these great attachment options!

Brush Cutters

For properties with a considerable accumulation of weeds or other organic plant matter, cutting down this foliage is one of the first steps to a successful land clearing. While many handheld brush cutters exist, these likely won’t be enough to complete a land clearing job efficiently. Fortunately, many companies have created brush cutter attachments that can be used with skid-steer loaders to make quick work of weeds or other unwanted brush around a property.

Bucket Loaders

Moving dirt, tree debris, rocks, and other materials commonly created during land clearing efforts can be a struggle without the right equipment. As a versatile attachment, bucket loaders often serve as a grapple to pick up these materials, and the skid-steer loader allows them to be transported with ease to a new location. As an optional feature, many bucket loaders also have spill guards to keep loose material from being lost during transport across a job site.

Green Forest Landscape


The proper mulching attachment can transform a skid-steer loader and open new possibilities for land clearing without the need for excavators or other mulching options. Skid-steer loaders now have attachment options for both disc mulchers and drum mulchers to provide versatility and job-specific support. In addition to this, other options can also be considered, including the type of teeth and flow to ensure the perfect solution when completing serious land clearing.

Tree Saws

An excellent tree saw attachment for a skid-steer loader is often one of the most beneficial tools to have during land clearing. Unlike dated tools like chainsaws, tree saw attachments can quickly cut through large trees with a diameter up to 16” both at and above ground level. For the ultimate support for your skid-steer loaders, we encourage you to consider a Marshall Tree Saw. For more information on this attachment, please visit our models and specifications page.

Sprayer Tanks

One final attachment for land clearing that may make sense for some job sites is a sprayer tank. Some tree species need spraying to control re-growth and ensure the cleared land doesn’t revert over time. Marshall Tree Saw makes an add-on sprayer tank that is easily installed and utilizes the skid-steer loader’s power source for functionality. For more information on this attachment, please visit our accessories page.

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Why Choose Marshall Tree Saw?

Whether you are working your land or cutting down unwanted or damaged trees for customers, the team at Marshall Tree Saw has your back. Our blades and accessories are designed to tackle the most challenging jobs while also allowing for the flexibility needed to cut and stack hundreds of trees per hour. If you are interested in learning more about our products or want to carry them in your own business, please contact us today to get started!