Spring Tree CuttingThe Marshall Tree Saw is one of the fastest ways to cut trees of  various sizes. The power out of the cylinders is the key. Each cylinder is  capable of putting from 90-120,000 pounds per square inch. The saw is so powerful that skid steers are recommended to have tracks to keep them from turning sideways.

The cylinders cut on the pull stroke pulling the AR- 400 blade chain into the tree and creating a tremendous powerful cutting action all without spinning the blade in a typical fashion. The blade only moves from side to side and pulls back out of the cut ready to cut again. The speed is coming from the very focused cutting ability and the fact that the Marshall saw can do so many functions with the front end with out changing implements.

The saw will stack, push, pile and dig along with cutting and trimming. The speed comes in the ability to run all day with limited maintenance, basically grease fittings a couple times a day on heavy cutting and check bolts on blade and tighten if needed. This lack of maintenance or Up Time as opposed to Down Time makes the saw unstoppable in the field when needed. Many pieces of equipment that compete with the Marshall overheat with use and have troubles with replacing carbide blades as the work day goes on, our blade does not require sharpening or carbide teeth. Matter of fact a bent blade can be re-straightened by merely re-inserting the blade in a tree or can flipped over and used. You say a couple of teeth have been broken or missing, no problem we can still cut efficiently as long as you don’t have 3-4 teeth missing in a row causing a  bald spot.

Did I mention that you can cut in rock and debris that would normally shut a carbide tipped blade down? Yes we can cut flush or below ground in rocks and even cut thru a metal fence post grown up inside the tree. The ability to drop trees where you want them helps in speed as well, giving you more time cutting and less time handling trees in the way between cuts.

Recap: The Marshall Tree Saw is a work horse that can be used in many situations where our competition cannot, our maintenance is minimal and our UP Time is the best on the market.