Wildfires are becoming seemingly more common every year from as far west as California to across the world in Australia. Although we all know the devastating impact that wildfires can have, many states and countries still have not paid enough attention to wildfire risk management and alternative fire prevention methods. Whether you are currently living in an urban location or rural area, it is vital to ensure that fire prevention remains a priority at all times and that your property is prepared for the unexpected chaos that an unplanned fire can bring. However, one of the easiest ways to stop fires from spreading is to remove the combustible fuel sources readily available to them.

Dead trees can often be hazardous for many different reasons, and having the tools to remove them quickly and safely is a great way to protect a home or improve a customer’s experience. Any time a tree begins to die, the wood will become extremely dry over time, make it capable of burning exceptionally quickly when a fire reaches it. When you utilize the blades and accessories from Marshall Tree Saw these projects tree removal projects of any size can be completed quickly.

Some other best practices that can mitigate fire risk include:

Removing Dead Trees or Trees That Are Close to Homes or Buildings

Thinning Out Bushy Plants or Shrubbery Near a Home

Keeping Branches of Remaining Trees Pruned 10’ from the Ground

Eliminating Decaying Wood or Wood Debris

Maintaining the Lawn to Remove Pine Needles or Overgrown Grasses

Fire Prevention

Preventing Fires with Marshall Tree Saw

There are often two key factors that determine how much a wildfire will grow – fuel continuity and fuel density. In essence, the more fuel that is available and the less distance between it, the increased likelihood that a fire will continue to grow. Often the best approach to eliminating this risk is removing the fuel sources available through tree removal and other fire prevention best practices.

The Marshall Tree Saw has helped prevent the spread of fires by quickly clearing out trees and debris in rural California. In 2013, a fire burned 60 acres of a ranch, killing thousands of trees. Using the Marshall Tree Saw, Damon S. was able to remove many of those trees to prevent the spread of insects and reduce the risk of a future fire. By clearing these dead and burned trees quickly and efficiently, the fuel available for future wildfires to utilize was effectively removed before any more damage could be done.

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Why Choose Marshall Tree Saw?

Whether you are working your own land or cutting down unwanted or damaged trees for customers, the team at Marshall Tree Saw has your back. Our blades and accessories are designed to tackle the most challenging jobs while also allowing for the flexibility needed to cut and stack hundreds of trees per hour. If you are interested in learning more about our products or want to carry them in your own business, please contact us at (918) 209-5805 today to get started!