The Marshall Tree Saw

When it comes to removing trees, the Marshall Tree Saw is the best and only choice! With its Unprecedented Speed, Heavy-Duty Construction, and Low Maintenance, the Marshall Tree Saw is the perfect choice for removing hundreds of trees!

Dealers Needed!

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Unprecedented Power and Speed

The powerful Marshall Tree Saw enables the operator to clear, pile and cut trees quickly and efficiently…

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Marshall Tree Saw is engineered for efficiency and safety! Learn More!

Low Maintenance

The saw is built for durable, dependable service over the long haul, and engineered for easy maintenance.

Register Your Marshall Tree Saw

Complete the registration form to activate your one year warranty and receive your owners manual. 

Why Choose A Marshall Tree Saw?

The Marshall Tree Saw is one of the safest, most productive tree saws on the market today. The Marshall Tree Saw is manufactured with the highest quality parts and materials assuring you many years of dependable service. It was designed to be used on a skid steer loader and can cut up to a 12 inch or 16 inch diameter tree at or below ground level with one pass of the saw blade, depending on which model you purchase. By making two or more cuts the diameter can be increased up to four times. 

Marshall Tree Saw is low maintenance and is a piece of equipment that won’t shut down when you need it.

Marshall Tree Saw is an American Made Piece of Equipment being manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in-house.  From Start to Finish – we manufacture our saw using the finest American Made Products.

Our focus is to produce the finest made tree cutting device for every skid steer in the world!

The Blade

The Marshall Tree Saw blade is made of ballistic armor, AR400, and without carbide… meaning no replacing teeth and no downtime.

Our blades will typically self straighten if bent and can be turned over and re-bolted. Marshall Tree Saw blades can last anywhere from 750 to 1,500 hours of cutting! The teeth are designed to pull the blade into the tree. These blades are laser cut for accuracy with state of the art lasers.

Even if you purchased your Marshall Saw a long time ago, it’s still important to register with us. 

The Marshall Tree Saw

The technology of mass tree removal that made the chain saw obsolete.

The Marshall Tree Saw revolutionizes the way land is cleared, making other methods seem dated, slow and not friendly to your land…

With any brand of skid steer, The Marshall Tree Saw safely clears, moves, and stacks up to 1000’s* of trees a day from the comfort of the skid’s cab. There is little or no damage to your land, i.e. clearing with a dozer, no stumps to grind or need for additional equipment…

And no human interaction with the blade…no bits or teeth to change or align.

Are safety, speed, and performance words that drive you? Check out the Marshall Tree Saw and add savings in time, money and efficiency.

*This depends on size of tree, conditions and operator.

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