While many trees provide beauty and variation to a property, large trees can often cause unforeseen problems when inclement weather occurs. When ice, lightning, high winds or heavy impacts damage a tree, there is usually no choice left but to determine the best plan for removal. Unfortunately, this isn't always as simple as dusting off the chainsaw from the shed and getting to work when dealing with large trees. Difficult and dangerous trees are no match for Marshall Tree Saws, but we always recommend that anyone removing a large tree takes appropriate precautions.

The Marshall Tree Saw can cut a wide variety of tree sizes to meet all of your tree cutting needs. Our proprietary blades are your go-to device to remove trees of any shape and size. Even giant trees, like the large Missouri Cedar, are no match for the Marshall Tree Saw. The Marshall Tree Saw can take down a 48" tree.

Some signs that a tree should be removed from a property include:

Pronounced Leaning Towards One Direction

The Growth of Mushrooms or Fungus Along the Roots or the Trunk

Visible Tree Death on the Upper 50% of the Canopy

Hollowing or Rotting Near the Tree Trunk

Commercial Large Tree Removal

Anyone that owns a tree removal business or wants to quickly clear land for residential or commercial development should be utilizing the powerful Marshall Tree Saw. These blades easily attach to a skid steer loader to clear, pile and cut trees as quickly and efficiently as possible. Often, our proprietary blade technology allows commercial arborists to cut down hundreds of trees each hour. We are confident that you won't find a more suitable blade to complete large tree removal projects for residential or commercial customers.

Many blades on the market require operators to begin cuts from the visible surface level of the tree, resulting in a remaining trunk or root that requires even more effort to remove. Marshall Tree Saws can cut at or below ground level to easily cut through large trees. Even better, rocks, dirt and mud do not compromise the blade's performance – a unique characteristic that this powerful blade doesn't share with many similar competitors. If you are looking for a Marshall Tree Saw blade to expand your commercial arborist or tree removal business, we encourage you to look for a dealer or rental location near you!

Why Choose Marshall Tree Saw?

Whether you are working your own land or cutting down unwanted or damaged trees for customers, the team at Marshall Tree Saw has your back. Our blades and accessories are designed to tackle the most challenging jobs while also allowing for the flexibility needed to cut and stack hundreds of trees per hour. If you are interested in learning more about our products or want to carry them in your own business, please contact us at (918) 209-5805 or contact us today to get started!