It cuts big and little trees. One Saw does the work of so many machines. It cuts right through steel fence posts – and doesn’t even slow down a bit.


Manhattan, KS

We have owned a Marshall for 20 years.

The Scoggins

Hartford, KS

5 years – Cut a hedge tree – so heavy his 3000 lift couldn’t pick it up. I like the heck outta mine

Justin Frank

Ed Berends Osage City, KS

I like the way it will move the trees and allows me to stack them.


Randolph, KS

I love it - cuts 2-3 to one. I love the safety – No debris.

Justin Frank

Alma, KS

400 acres cleared and love the saw. I've used near mines and close to buildings – a variety of situations. This is the best piece of equipment I have used.

Jerry Morris - Morris Farms

Best Saw for Safety & Efficiency

Galen Hofmann

Leonardville, KS

Cuts boat arc – thousands of trees, had saw since 2010

Robert Spurlin

Lamont, OK

Loves his saw. He sent me a pic using it on his telehandler.

Ryan Amstutz

Bryant, Indiana