The History of the Saw

The simple design that began in the field over 20 years ago has continued to be refined and simplified to the current saw now available. Because of gains in the fabrication techniques and welding ability, the Marshall Tree Saw has made a simple but strong, efficient saw. Don’t be fooled by the simple design, there have been thousands of hours of engineering and design changes to create this fine piece of equipment being used today.

The Marshall Tree Saw is a fine example of American ingenuity, combined with state-of-the-art technology. As a testament to the original design, there are many Marshall Tree Saws operating today that are over 20 years old! The old chainsaw and other dangerous methods of tree removal are still prevalent in the field today, however, because of the Marshall Tree Saw we are changing the history of modern tree removal. The principle of “Keep it Simple” is still guiding the development and manufacturing of the saw today.

Our Story

With the American ingenuity that causes most great products to be born, the Marshall Tree Saw was developed by a hard-working individual in Nebraska who was cutting unwanted Cedar trees from pasture land with a chainsaw.

He knew there was a better way, and after years of development and after several working prototypes and field trials, the Marshall Tree Saw was the result. A better way to remove unwanted trees and to make the land more productive.

Marshall Tree Saw Team
Marshall Tree Saw Julius
Marshall Tree Saw in Rocks
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Company News

In order to meet customer needs, Marshall Tree Saw is now being manufactured in Tulsa, Oklahoma / Longview, Texas / and Ortona, Italy!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Tulare, California Show.