Tips for Safe Tree Removal

Cutting a tree with a chainsaw

Ideally, the need to remove a tree will only come when it is deteriorating its ecosystem. We always hear about the importance of not cutting trees. But, when a tree has died, is growing close to something, or is leaning in a specific direction, it is best to ensure its surroundings’ safety in order to be safely…

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How Do You Keep Trees Healthy?

Healthy Tree

At Marshall Tree Saw, we know that not all trees should be removed from a property, and many of our customers still enjoy a variety of trees. When a tree’s health begins to decline, the owner needs to determine its problem quickly. In many cases, the tree roots should be the first observation point to determine if enough nutrients are being…

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5 Signs a Tree Should Be Removed

Tree Removal

While trees can provide shade on a hot summer day, strong winds and weather patterns can often compromise them. Not only does this create a hazard if the tree falls due a compromised root system, base or trunk, but it could also lead to an increased fire risk. Unfortunately, leaving a tree to fall naturally…

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