Choosing the Best Equipment to Clear Trees

When land needs to be cleared of trees, it can often be hard for an individual or a team to determine what equipment is best suited for the job. With various machines available, including skid steers or compact track loaders (CTL), finding the right attachments for the job is critical for success while also ensuring efficiency. Even worse, some companies still rely on chainsaws to complete a land clearing project while only using machines to gather and move the fallen wood or mulch it.

In most instances, choosing between a CTL or skid steer will ultimately depend on the scope of work and the job site requirements. While compact track loaders are smaller and easier to transport, skid steers are well known for the attachment options that can be utilized with them. This includes the Marshall Tree Saw and makes it easy to use our many other attachments to quickly fulfill the requirements of job sites of all sizes. From cutting options to mulchers and everything in between, choosing the best equipment to clear trees is crucial.

Meeting Unique Jobsite Requirements

For large job sites, it often makes sense to have a dedicated mulching machine; however, it is essential to have the equipment needed to cut efficiently and stack trees as they are cleared. When it comes to removing trees, the Marshall Tree Saw provides all the functionality required and more. Our blades feature unprecedented speed, durable construction, continued low maintenance, and can cut hundreds of trees each hour.

The Marshall Tree Saw can also provide extended support for unpredictable terrain since rocks, dirt, or mud with no compromise in performance. All it takes is a skid steer loader with our blade attached to the power source to make short work of fully-grown trees. Marshall Tree Saws utilize bi-directional hydraulics to rotate the blade to cut left-to-right or right-to-left slowly. This helps improve productivity while ensuring safety since the tree is cut away from the operator.

Marshall Tree Saw Machine

No matter what unique requirements a job site may have, the Marshall Tree Saw is unmatched. If you have questions about the equipment requirements to utilize our blade or need help determining which model is the right fit for your job requirements, we encourage you to reach out to us or find a dealer in your area. By taking just a few minutes to speak with one of our sales representatives, we can help ensure you choose the best equipment to clear trees on your property or a customer's!

saw blade

Why Choose Marshall Tree Saw?

Whether you are working your land or cutting down unwanted or damaged trees for customers, the team at Marshall Tree Saw has your back. Our blades and accessories are designed to tackle the most challenging jobs while also allowing for the flexibility needed to cut and stack hundreds of trees per hour. If you are interested in learning more about our products or want to carry them in your own business, please contact us today to get started!