How big a tree can you cut with a Marshall Tree Saw?

The Model 1600 can cut a tree 16” in diameter. You can cut any size tree by moving around the tree and making multiple cuts.

What is the largest tree you have ever seen cut?

The largest tree we have seen was 48” in diameter. Owners report that it was even larger.

What do I do with the cut trees?

This is where the unique design of the Marshall Tree Saw really stands out. With our tool you can cut, push, pile, and stack downed trees without changing pieces of equipment.

How long does the blade last?

That depends on the type of tree you are cutting (hard or soft wood), soil conditions (rocks, sand, etc), and hours of use. Some operators replace blades every other year, others last even longer. You can expect 750-1500 hours of service in a single blade.

Can you sharpen the blade?

You can sharpen the blade with a flat edge grinder as needed. Stabilizer teeth should also be kept sharp.

Is the blade easily replaced?

 The blades are in stock at the factory and can be easily replaced by the user.

Visit our Videos page to see a tutorial on how to change the blade: Marshall Tree Saw Blade Installation

Do you need a hi-flow machine?

The Marshall Tree Saw can run on Hi or Low Flow machines.  The blade’s cycle time is a function of hydraulic flow, so, the more flow, the faster your blade cycling time will be.

Can I use it on my tractor loader?

It is not recommended for tractor loaders. The Marshall Tree Saw was developed to be used in conjunction with any brand of Skid Steer for safety, cutting efficiency, and maneuverability.

Is additional equipment required to operate the Marshall Tree Saw?

No additional equipment is required. The saw comes ready to hook up and go using the auxiliary hydraulics of the skid steer you are using.

How much horsepower is required?

The Marshall Tree Saw is driven off the auxiliary hydraulics of your skid steer, tractor loader, telehandler, or compact loader. A minimum of 16GPM flow @ 2500PSI is required. Horsepower has no direct effect on the operation.

How much does it weigh?

The Model 1600 weighs 2000lbs. The Skid Steer attached to the Marshall Tree Saw should have a lift capability able to handle the above-listed weight. NOTE: When calculating lift capability, be sure to account for the weight of the trees you will be handling.

Which brand of skid steer is the best?

The Marshall Tree Saw works well on any brand of skid steer if it meets the required hydraulic and weight specifications. 

Visit the Models & Specifications page for those details.