What Are Marshall Tree Saw Blades Made From?

The Marshall Tree Saw was developed to be one of the most resilient blades available on the market. By utilizing ballistic armor, AR400 and no carbide, our customers often enjoy no downtime and no need to replace saw teeth during strenuous projects. Even better, our blades will often self-straighten whenever they are bent or can be turned over and re-bolted – accounting for around 750 to 1,500 hours of superior tree cutting power. But what materials make the Marshall Tree Saw blade so efficient, and how does it work? 

As one of the safest, most productive tree saws available on the market, the Marshall Tree saw was designed to help an operator clear, pile and cut trees efficiently with just a blade and a skid steer loader. The Marshall Tree Saw blade can cut a 12″ to 16″ tree with just a single pass of the saw blade – depending on the model of blade utilized. Even more important, this is possible whether the tree is at or below ground level. With the introduction of two or more cuts, the diameter of the tree being removed can be increased up to four times.  

A Closer Look at the Marshall Tree Saw 

Once available to the public, the Marshall Tree Saw was a technology that made the chainsaw obsolete for mass tree removals. Each blade is laser cut for accuracy with state-of-the-art equipment and designed to pull the blade into the tree. Perhaps the most important reason this was possible was the materials used in constructing the blades, making them incredibly strong even when removing large trees. Much of the strength found in these proprietary blades lies in the use of AR400 steel as a critical component. 

AR400 steel is considered a high-carbon alloy; however, one of the essential characteristics of this material choice is that it is specifically developed to ensure wear resistance while adapting to high-abrasion levels. In addition to abrasion-resistant properties, AR400 also ensures excellent resistance to impact and sliding abrasion without a lofty price tag. This is one way that we can provide such a great blade at a reasonable price. AR400 is often used for mining and other high-impact or abrasion-rich applications like material transfer chutes, dump trucks and much more, making it an excellent material choice for this application.  

The Marshall Tree Saw blade is built for long-term service and durability while also allowing for easy maintenance. As a Made in America product, each blade is created in-house with the most precise equipment possible. From start to finish, we manufacture our saw with the finest American-made products and materials. We are confident that our tree saws are the best-made cutting device for skid steers available in the world. You are encouraged to find your nearest dealer to try one and see why they have become a standard in the industry. 

Why Choose Marshall Tree Saw? 

Whether you are working your own land or cutting down unwanted or damaged trees for customers, the team at Marshall Tree Saw has your back. Our blades and accessories are designed to tackle the most challenging jobs while also allowing for the flexibility needed to cut and stack hundreds of trees per hour. If you are interested in learning more about our products or want to carry them in your own business, please contact us at (918) 209-5805 or contact us today to get started!